Friend Feature: Beth & Ty In Love

The first time I met Beth was at a shoot for WedLuxe Magazine in the Spring of 2011.  I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm, her passion for photography, and most importantly, her collaborative nature.  She was a pleasure to work with on set.  At the same shoot, I also had the pleasure of meeting Ty who was just as hands-on and passionate about the process of photography.  Little did I know, this was the ultimate collaboration in the making…

Today, I want to introduce, Beth and Ty in Love.  Toronto’s dynamic duo of photography!  Their photography evokes emotion, celebration, elegance, tradition, and of course, TRUE LOVE.  As my dear friends, I could not be happier to showcase their work as my first of many ‘Friend Features’.

Enjoy this beautiful selection of their work.  More of their portfolio can be found on their website


I can still see her now.  Waving to me across the field, from my parents’ bedroom window.  She was on her way back from the convenience store.  Not always sure for certain, but I could bet she had pockets full of lotto tickets, sour key candies, or popsicles for my brothers and I.  She would watch movies with us, help us build forts out of blankets and sofa cushions, participate in art projects, and take road trips with us.  My grandma passed away almost twelve years ago, but to do this day, she continues to inspire my brothers and I to be the best that we can be.  I know she is looking down on us and helping us along our life’s journeys.

Sometimes, I wish she were here to see all that we have accomplished.  She would have been so proud.  Other days, it gives me comfort knowing that our success and happiness has come from her guiding light from above.  My grandma continues to inspire me everyday.

Inspiration comes from many different sources.  The people we admire, the things we see, taste, hear, the company we keep, the books we read, the movies we watch, our life experiences.

I stay inspired by:

1)  Spending time with family and friends.

2)  Reading the success stories of my mentors and others in the industry.  I am very fascinated by the life story of others.

3)  Keeping a journal of inspirational quotes, images, my sketches, and magazine clippings.

4)  Attending industry events and conferences.

5)  Visiting my favourite design shops.

6)  Vacations to Hawaii (of course!).

As artists, remaining ‘inspired’ is important to the experience that we provide to our clients.  There is no mistaking that an ‘inspired’ artist exudes positivity, energy, excitement, and radiance.  Although, clients are looking for designers that are confident, committed to their craft, and experts in their field, they are also looking for a personal connection.  This is where the ‘inspired’ artist wins.

I would love to know, how do you stay inspired?


What better way to celebrate the launch of our new website and blog, but to honour all event professionals worldwide.  We are a hard working industry determined to make our mark by changing the world we live in through design.  Specifically, as event designers, we create sensory experiences for life’s special moments.  We have a special role in people’s lives: we fulfill dreams.

My passion for design stems back all the way to childhood.  When the television was my canvas and crayons were the medium; when my living room was a space of self- expression and my many experiments in interior design; when weekends were spent crafting with my brothers; when my idea of a good time was going to the local nursery to select the flowers for our garden; and finally, when birthday parties were an exercise to my future path in events, design, and entertaining.  One thing is for sure; design has been a huge part of my life and continues to be to this day.

Although, I have been designing events since middle school, it wasn’t until my second year in university that it became obvious that this was my career path.  Almost, ten years later, I look back to when Design2Decor was a home-based business with inventory in the living room, dining room, basement, and garage.  Design2Decor has been a true labour of love and my personal creative outlet.  It is through hard work, determination, and perseverance that I stand proud of the company that I have built, together with my team.

With this being said, I am proud to introduce the evolution of Design2Decor as PARAS EVENTS.  The PARAS EVENTS experience is of luxury, personality, and style.  We offer award-winning design services along with an enhanced client ‘concierge’ experience.  You can read more about this exciting new experience on our website.

I look forward to sharing the best the event design industry has to offer!  Designer spotlights, ‘Friend Features’, event reviews, the business of event design, entrepreneurism, and the importance of staying motivated and remaining positive.

Join me in making your mark in the world of design!


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