Envy In A ‘Crafted’ World

Let’s take a little quiz together:

1) Do you feel genuine happiness towards your colleagues when they reach a significant milestone in their business?

2) Do you become insecure when a new or emerging planner or designer see’s success much sooner than you did?  Or even before you?

3) Do you hesitate to check your social channels in fear of reading the success of others?  Or your competition?

4) Are you overcome by feelings of envy or resentment when a job goes to one of your colleagues or competitors?

Most creative professionals have experienced at least one (if not all) of these ‘symptoms’.  I admit, I’m guilty of experiencing all of the above at different points throughout my career.  It’s a tough feeling, especially when you don’t want to necessarily be feeling this way.  What’s worse is when you allow it to begin affecting your industry relationships.  Envy can stem from the many ‘cliques’ that naturally form in any industry.  Sometimes it seems like we revert back to the days of high school with our actions.  Turns out, I had a lot of growing up to do.

Here’s my take on it:

The universe gives you what you can handle.  What you deserve.  What you are destined to receive.  When you are destined to receive something, it will be yours, no matter what or whom. 

As a business owner you work tirelessly to build your business and your brand. Countless hours and effort go into managing a business and it’s operations, finances, press, client relations, and it’s core service/product offering.  As an entrepreneur, it’s a PERSONAL investment of time, energy, resources, and money.  So when that external recognition and/or praise is not present or (worse) goes to someone else, it can hurt, and consequently feed your inner envy (I’m a millennial…so it hurts my age group even more).

There’s a flip side to this, however.

Just like you, many of your colleagues have put in the same long hours and the same generous amounts of effort to build their own businesses and brands as well.  They are working on fulfilling their own dreams and aspirations.  They have had their own challenges to overcome.  How can we take that joy and prestige away from those who deserve it just as much as we do?  More importantly, does it really make sense to harbour envy towards a colleague who is trying his/her best to succeed as well?  This requires a complete switch in mindset on our part (difficult, I know).

Here’s how I overcame my insecurities (and continue to do so):

1) I embrace collaboration.  It’s really important to me to get to know my peers in the industry.  I’m not looking to conduct a business transaction or ‘pitch’ my services,  I’m simply looking for friendship and camaraderie.

2) I encourage a personal mindset of appreciation and gratitude for the success that I have seen.  When I am feeling discouraged, I remind myself of all that I have been able to achieve as a business owner and artist.

3) I re-enforce the notion that ‘it wasn’t my time, just yet’.

4) I motivate myself by taking these feelings and turning them into my ‘fuel’ for future business and personal goal achievement.

5) I focus on what brings me the most happiness.  I put things into perspective.

In today’s day and age, social media allows all of us to carefully ‘craft’ our presence in the world.  It is common place for many of us to publicize only the positive in our lives, not the negative -consequently skewing one’s perception of our reality.  We live in a world of perceived perfection.

WE ALL go through the same business challenges.

WE ALL share a passion for the industry in which we work.

WE ALL share a genuine interest in the success of our clients and their events.

We all have much more in common than we think.

How do you manage feelings on envy?  Let me know by commenting below.  Let’s get the conversation going.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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