My Design Philosophy

As I look through my bedroom, I can’t help but make several observations.  What draws my eye, in particular, is the faint relief of the stars, planets, and moons that once covered my ceiling and have since been painted over during multiple renovations. When I was younger, my brother and I shared this bedroom. It was painted a soft blue and had wooden bunk beds, which we had converted into two twin beds, adjacent to each other. My mother had purchased a glow in the dark solar system for us to apply over our entire ceiling. Every night, our bedroom turned into the outer reaches of space. We lay in our beds naming the ‘constellations’ we had created. Forts created with blankets and pillows became space shuttles or satellites, and for brief moments in time, we dreamt of becoming astronauts. There was an inherent beauty in what we had created. Suddenly, the far reaches of space were right here, in my bedroom -and although I may never go to space in my lifetime, I had just created what I now know to be my first ‘experiential space/interior’.

Much older now, I understand that as event artists, this is exactly what we do for our clients. We have a very important role in the lives of our couples. We provide the tools necessary for what seems impossible and bring it to life. We take the vision our clients have of their special day and make it tangible. We create the sensory experiences that will resonate with our clients throughout their lives.

As I think about how I have evolved as a designer, refined my palette, and analyze my journey of growth, I can begin to articulate my design philosophy and my approach to the design process (although, I’m certain this will be ever-evolving):

1) To create events that incorporate a timeless design aesthetic, that years from now have the same visual and symbolic appeal as they did on the day of the event.

2) To incorporate props, florals, and accessories that are carefully designed and integrated, creating a streamlined, sophisticated aesthetic with minimal ‘clutter’.

3) To incorporate as much of my clients personality into the design placing an emphasis on customization and detail.

4) Ensuring each event is produced with the utmost attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and commitment to the overall design.

5) Incorporating my clients cultural heritage in a respectful manner, paying homage to tradition, whilst embracing creative interpretation.

6) Creating an overall experience, that appeals to all the senses.

7) To design for my clients while integrating my signature as a designer.

So, going back to my bedroom, those many, many years ago; I was a designer in ‘infancy’. It would be many years later that I would understand ‘design’ aside from being a hobby or interest. Design has continually shaped my view of the world, my approach to life, my way of life, and my life’s purpose. Sometimes I forget how grateful I should be that I am blessed with the ability to enrich the lives of others through my abilities as a designer.

Earlier this month, I posted the following to my social channels:

“Every now and then I am presented with a unique opportunity or have the pleasure of meeting a couple that brings me so much joy that it makes me want to be a better person, better business owner, and a better designer. It’s ability to spark my creativity, lift my spirits, and rekindle my passion for my art, affirms my life’s purpose.”

How do you describe your design philosophy and approach to the design process? Please comment below and share with everyone.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Newsletter-December 2013

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