Celebrating 13 Years of Weddings!

“If you have never lost your mind, you have not followed your heart.”

This statement resonates with me more today, than ever before in my professional career.  On the eve of our thirteenth anniversary in the weddings industry, I am reflective of all that has been accomplished, but looking forward to what I have yet to complete in my pursuit of design and its profound effect on my life at 33 years of age.  Many of us have designed a life based on our passions, past experiences, aspirations, and circumstances.  Yet, I am always left thinking, “what’s next?”.  Today, I am contemplating the spirit of free thinking and creative thought, the freedom of expression, and the privileges of entrepreneurism.

Thirteen years ago, at our family’s dining room table, we began chatting about a small business in the weddings industry.  We aspired to develop a design firm that would be respected for its design integrity, ethical business practices, client care, and creativity.  Our company’s truly humble beginnings and grassroots approach has been a lesson in patience, passion driven dedicstion, financial management, and remaining focused.  The entrepreneurial journey has tested my family and I countless times.  I have made multiple business errors, experienced illness and exhaustion, and doubted my ambition EVERY year.  What continues to bring me back full circle?  I have realized that I have something more to share – a somewhat greater purpose.  I want to be impactful through my art.

Cheers to many more years of growth, development, and success -no matter where my passion(s) takes me.


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