Re-Igniting the Passion

It has been unusually quiet in our offices these days.  What is usually a busy time of year for us here at PARAS Events, has become somewhat lukewarm, but fortunately, very steady. As I write today’s post, I am sitting at my desk reflecting upon the immense changes that have occurred in my business and personal life over the last three months.  It has been a tough ‘reality check’, but a much needed catalyst for change in my business, operations, and client relations.

Earlier this year, I made the tough decision to part with two of my key staff, put a temporary hold on publishing my book, and experienced the breakdown of two of my most cherished friendships in the industry.  I was harbouring feelings of resentment and betrayal and experiencing exhaustion and developed symptoms of depression.  I was at the point of giving up the business I had worked so hard to create.

My business was becoming cookie cutter.  I was in consultations where ‘design’ was no longer existent.  I was now engaged in bidding wars and meeting bottom lines.  The value for good design was diminishing, but more severe, the enjoyment that events once brought me was on the decline.  Where had my passion gone?

It was quite simple actually:

-the business and operations had exhausted me
-the constant chase had exhausted me
-the bidding wars and bottom lines had exhausted me


I was experiencing burnout.  For the first time in my career, I felt like I had lost complete control of my business.  To my detriment, the commonality between all three was it had affected my ability to design, create, and ‘imaginate’ -the core of my breadth of services.  It was time for a ‘transition’ in my business.  A rude awakening, but one that fuelled a series of changes that re-ignited my love and passion for all things design and faith in my business.

1)  Reflect upon why you started out in the wedding or events industry and constantly remind yourself of what brings you the most joy in this profession.

2)  Forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on yourself and your business.  Do what makes you happy -it’s the best ‘fuel’ for your business.

3)  Go through the several thank you cards/emails/testimonials you have received over the years and reflect upon why these events were successful.  What made each event self gratifying? Reconnect with the notion that as wedding professionals, we play an integral role in one of the most cherished milestones in a person’s life.

4)  Evaluate your current operations.  Make a list that clearly outlines what you love about the business and what could be better.  Align yourself with the right team that supports you and always has your best intentions at heart.

5)  Eliminate the drama and those that invite drama into your life.  This goes back to one of my previous posts on ‘Going At Your Own Pace’.

6)  Connect with family and friends.  They keep you grounded and remind you of what’s most important in life.

7)  Change things up!  If you’re like me, I get bored very quickly.  Keep your business fresh and exciting.  A stale business stunts innovation.

8)  Be grateful for what life has brought your way and make the best of it.

I would love to know, how do you stay passionate and motivated?  What encourages you to keep moving forward?  I know there are many of you out there that have experienced this before.  It can be difficult.  It forces you to make the tough decisions. Please comment below and tell us how you overcame it.  We are each others support system.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Next Week:  The Importance of Charging Design Fees