When you take your passion in life and turn it into your career, several things begin to happen.  Your perspectives change, your outlook on life changes, and you glow just the way you were meant to.  Personally, design has become the vehicle that I have chosen to assist my clients in creating the wedding that they have always dreamed of.  Over 700 weddings later, I continue to design each wedding with the same commitment to aesthetic integrity and client care,  I am so proud of the grass-roots, homegrown company that I have built together with my excellent team over the last thirteen years.  Although our wedding design and décor firm is headquartered in Toronto, we work internationally to bring you the signature style we have become known for.

I love to text, I love emojis, and I love social media.  In my spare time, you can catch me at a zumba class, travelling, blogging, watching Netflix, or working on a canvas.

I look forward to getting to know you better!  Wishing you continued success as you take these preliminary steps towards realizing your wedding and building a beautiful life.