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Full service Destination Wedding design, decor and production is the hallmark of services provided by Paras Events. 

We partner with an extensive network of international design firms, suppliers, and floral artisans to produce luxury destination events across the globe. Weddings, social events and corporate galas in unique locales are our strength! We combine the beauty of the landscape with the elegance of your event.



the paras events DIFFERENCE:

In addition to bringing our own experience and expertise, we oversee the design and decor of all your events including any and all supplier communications, resort coordination, on-site design/decor production logistics, securing local talent, lighting design, and design production.
All you have to do is show up and celebrate!

New York • Los Angeles • Ohio • Texas • Florida • Mexico • Panama • Guatemala • Colombia • Dominican Republic • Jamaica • London • Italy





How far in advance should I book your services?

For our local clients, we recommend an eight (8) month lead time to produce an event design. For our international clients, we recommend a lead time of twelve (12) months. Most resorts require a full summary of the design and production plan sixty (60) days prior to the event.


What does your design fee include?

We provide storyboards, budget summaries, detailed design plans, floor plans, lighting design plans, and supplier summaries to ensure all parts of the design and decor are produced to the highest of standards. Our design fee is based on the number of events we are producing on your behalf. It is a consulting service based on our expertise, experience, and global supply network.

It is important to note that our design fees do not include travel and accommodation fees. Based on the number of events, in our experience, two to four Paras Events design staff are required on-site at your destination event.


How do I work with you if I live in another country?

At Paras Events, over 30% of our clients do not live in Canada!
We are very experienced in producing destination events and work with our clients using the Zoom conferencing app and our custom designed client portal where all of your budget summaries, storyboards, proposals, and invoices are uploaded for your review at anytime.


How do all of the decor products and flowers arrive for my destination event?

To save our clients from high shipping fees, we source all product at your destination. We collaborate with local event teams to produce your event. This avoids costly shipping fees, duties, and taxes. This also avoids high delivery and production fees – and saves our clients on additional travel and accommodation fees.


Do I have to work with the resort or venues’ exclusive decor and floral suppliers?

For many of our clients, it is most cost effective to work with the venue or resort’s exclusive decor and floral suppliers.

However, for our clients looking for a custom design experience with access to any and all decor and floral options, we recommend working with off-site design teams. Venues and resorts will charge a ‘vendor fee’ for this. These fees are payable per vendor, per day. This fee can climb dramatically, but is often a valued expense as the design and production services become highly custom, stylized, and produced.





We invite you to contact us to further discuss your destination event.
We would be happy to assist you in making this important decision!